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With your permission… and with strict precautions for privacy… I want to rush you a special package that has been sending shockwaves among "in the know" men of all ages in this country.

No other fighting expert has ever shown civilians these specific secrets before. Not any of the Spec Op trainers you've seen, not any of the federal agents, not any of the SWAT cops or foreign Special Forces.

What I'm about to show you is, in itself, one of the most devastatingly-effective fighting techniques you'll ever discover. It's easy to learn, simple to use… and yet will instantly immobilize, humiliate and demoralize your opponent… no matter how bigger, stronger or "better trained" he thinks he is.

He goes against you, he's going DOWN. Hard, into his own blood and teeth and tears. And, if you choose, he's going OUT. He will be at your mercy so fast, he won't have time to register real fear. He'll simply go from whatever cocksure state he was in that made him think he could "take you"… to the sharp, nasty blackness of a concussion.

Like having the lights switched off.

The speed and certainty of these tactics are crucial… because every move you are about to learn ASSUMES you will have someone you care for with you. And thus, your attention will be split at least in half… and you MUST know how to deliver damaging blows with quick results, without ever putting your charge in danger.

This is something every other training program I've ever seen ignores.

And yet… as you should know… there are FEW times when you're completely alone. If you have a family, this is especially critical to understand.

Even if you're still single, you'll almost always have a friend, a girlfriend, a family member… or someone's kids close by.

In the house, you will be the first to wake up when there's danger at night. But everyone else in the house will soon come into danger, curious and oblivious.

You KNOW that even your closest friends do not understand the need to learn "real" combat-based self-defense tactics. That means, when danger strikes…

You're The
Go-To Guy.

FBI and copy statistics confirm this. Criminals LOVE to attack families that appear vulnerable and distracted. Many THRIVE on attacking — in groups — couples, and aren't afraid to nail guys obviously out on a date.

Why? Because they know you're distracted… and even more important… they know you will likely FREEZE UP for fear of getting anyone hurt who is under your "care". All they need is one or two seconds of this freeze-up time to get the job done.

Result: A successful car-jacking, kidnapping, robbery... and worse.

It's one thing to learn how to fight to defend yourself.

But, increasingly, men are finding it necessary to learn how to fight to defend themselves AND the people with them.

This requires SPECIAL TRAINING you won't get from most teachers.

It's a very specialized form of training. Again, it's easy to master… but you MUST be shown the specifics by someone who understands it completely.

This is no time for guesswork or theory.

That's why this package I've got here for you is so important.

Here's the story: Gregg Woolridge is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Doesn't look threatening. Doesn't glower, doesn't go looking for trouble, is pretty tight-lipped about past fights.

But he's well-known among the best. He grew up in the tough streets of southside Chicago, and got so GOOD at ending fights before they became brawls that he earned his first job… as a bouncer in a rough bar… when he was just 18 years old.

He's near middle-age now… and has had a LOT of time to perfect what he considers the most important skill you can have as a man: The ability to instantly take out even multiple opponents…

While Protecting
The People Who Rely On You.

It's not a simple thing, if you don't know what you're doing. Even people who trust you will be confused by the adrenaline dump caused by a sudden threat, won't hear or comprehend shouted instructions, and WILL make wrong moves that could get them seriously hurt during a fight.

You can't turn from them to take care of business. That's a COMMON tactic among kidnappers — they send one or two guys at you to distract you, while a third comes up from behind and snatches the person they want.

She's gone, and you won't even realize it until you turn back around.

This "split attention" required to fight and protect at the same time is NOT something you come across naturally. You must learn it. From a master.

That's why I consider this package so important.

Gregg literally blew my mind showing me these secrets. I've NEVER seen anything like it before — real world skills that I can't BELIEVE I had neglected to learn before.

But, of course, I couldn't have learned them before… because almost NO teachers know how to teach them.

This is critical, unique stuff.

Gregg has an impressive "real" resume: Street cop for 11 years (in the worst beats in gang-infested towns)… then moved into a more secret world, where there were even LESS rules about how you fought.

He joined the most famous "executive protection" group in the world. Don't call these guys "bodyguards"… they're much more than that.

He was hired to protect, at all costs, not just top executives of big companies — the number one target of kidnappers — but also music and performance stars. From all parts of the entertainment world.

Remember Biggie Smalls, the "gangsta rapper" who was in a famous feud with other rappers? It was very recent, and got a lot of newspaper coverage… but you're forgiven if the name doesn't ring a bell. He ran in a vicious crowd that idolized waving guns and bling and money and drug connections.

Gregg was appalled that a man living that close to danger was so oblivious. Gregg, as head of security, tried to convince him of the need to stop the sloppy and irresponsible behavior…

And QUIT In Disgust
When His Warnings Went Unheeded.

Less than 24 hours later, Smalls was murdered by rival gang members. It rocked the music industry.

Smalls was surrounded by "guards", but he insisted on ignoring the very real threat of his lifestyle.

For Gregg, this meant a Code Red sense of danger was needed. Most civilians live in a "white" state of obliviousness. A "yellow" state means you at least know when you're in a situation that requires some action — at least locking the doors when you go to bed, for example. Or locking the car doors driving through unfamiliar parts of town with your family.

A "red" state means you are actively watching your surroundings for signs of danger. Say, if your car broke down in a bad neighborhood and you were escorting your loved ones to safety. Or if you're searching for your car in a movie parking lot, knowing there are bad elements around and lots of dark hiding spaces.

A "black" state means, simply, that you have decided there IS a threat. It doesn't have to be two guys with knives running at you. It can just be your gut knowledge that something is SO wrong, you need to amp up your reaction.

Code Black means you TAKE DOWN anyone within reach. Not counting your loved ones, of course.

If there are threats around, but not necessarily imminent, that's Code Red. At LEAST have the awareness that something MIGHT happen.

But even people who earn a living being "dangerous"… like getting famous because you sing and you're in a gang that hates and is hated by other gangs… need to act accordingly.

It was a tough point to make, resigning. But Gregg had to do it — he knew the current security situation was piss-poor and wouldn't stop ANYONE from gaining access to Smalls. So he quit, in very vocal protest.

Tried to wake `em up.

Didn't work.

It doesn't work so well with other people, either. I know I had a similar reaction when Gregg and I first talked. I mean, what's the big deal about protecting people around me? I just kick ass, right?

Criminals are always a step ahead of the average civilian. The criminal chooses when the fight happens, not you. He will stalk you and your loved ones for blocks, or for weeks, waiting for the right time. When your guard is down.

All they need are a few seconds. If you aren't "prepped" with this kind of specialized training, it will take you MANY seconds to shake yourself awake… and that's just…

Too Late.

This special training is NOT hard, as I said. I was simply astonished at how easy it was to master. There are just a set of very cool moves that no one else teaches.

Part of it is just mindset — getting your head together BEFORE anything happens. That's half the battle… and you may even give off a "scent" of danger yourself after learning these secrets.

When criminals catch a whiff of a man who knows what to do, they often go the other way, fast. They're looking for easy pickings, not a brawl.

And this is most definitely NOT just hand-to-hand stuff. Gregg insisted on sharing everything he knows about improvised weapons, too. In all my years of dealing with Spec Op and streetfighters, I have NEVER seen most of these secrets.

And there's ground fighting. Quick take-downs and certain take outs.

And also gun disarmament. I've seen the best in the biz at this… and Gregg is clearly one of them. The fact he's also a great teacher just adds to the importance of this package.

And remember… you get to see it FREE for 30 days.

Here's the deal: We snuck Gregg into the studio for several days last month, while he had time between assignments to do some filming. (He teaches law enforcement special operatives this stuff now. This is his first time revealing it to civilians like us.)

The main DVDs in your package is all about the core of his fighting style. You'll learn — probably for the first time — how a street-savvy fighter uses the "escalation of force" to overwhelm larger opponents (even when you're surprised from behind).

This is vicious, mega-effective stuff. You will learn exact moves that shock and immobilize your attacker in a split-second.

Plus, you will learn how street-wise fighters use psychology to scare even tough, big men. Combined with real pain, these "head" tactics can put your attacker down, crying in his blood, in the time it takes to exhale.

You will also learn how to make yourself impossible to strike — very critical when you must stay unhurt and able to help others while everyone is panicking. (He even has a special "can't lose" way of protecting yourself from unexpected strikes… which is urgently necessary when you're surprised in the street or in your own home.)

The improvised weapons instruction is very cool. And it means you will NEVER be without a weapon, no matter where you are.

The gun disarmament is, again, the best I've seen. He's had to do it. This is not theory.

This Is What Works,
And What You NEED To Know.

The "companion control" instruction will simply change your life. Once you understand how to truly and effectively protect anyone with you… you become a changed man. More confident. More WORTHY of confidence.

Remember: Old people and kids can't run away. Your girlfriend or wife may be in high heels, and can't run no matter how athletic she is. You may be with a co-worker or friend who simply doesn't know anything about fighting.

In all cases, you're the go-to guy here. You're the one who is going to thwart the kidnapping, stop the car-jacking, remove the threat entirely.

Entirely. You know what I mean.

It's a cruel world sometimes. As a man, we are REQUIRED to be prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Attitude is good. Gregg will teach you the right attitude to have, and how to keep your awareness level at the right stage of readiness.

But specific tactics and skills are also critical. And Gregg is the best teacher you'll ever find.

Here's what to do right now: Click the order button below

If, after owning these DVDs for 30 days — using them as your own — simply return them, and we will refund your credit card.

Your Money Back Guaranteed.

It's a big package. The main two DVDs cover the fighting tactics, improvised weapons, companion control, and ground fighting.

There is a BONUS, too. Included on your bonus DVD is gun disarmament, and also a very special "real time" lesson with a gorgeous-looking model. She doesn't know how to fight, and is the perfect example — because Gregg shows you how to protect her, never lose track of her, and yet demolish all attackers.

Seeing this stuff in action, with a real girl, is stunning.

Really drives it home.

This is a super-generous offer… and I am ONLY making it because I feel so strongly about this subject.

It's something every man needs to master. So far, this is the only teacher I've seen who teaches it.

You don't need previous skills, don't need to be in shape, don't need to be a natural-born-killer to make this work, either.

All you need is the desire to learn.

This package, as you can imagine, is in high demand. We do not have enough sets for everyone

So you must hurry. You have a full 30-days to examine the package to your satisfaction.

I cannot be more generous than this.

$97.00 each

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