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Smaller Stun Guns Offer Just As Much Power


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Everybody I am sure has watched Cops before and seen those videos of out-of-control “bad guys” and seen them get shocked or tased by either a stun gun or a taser. Or, for any 24 fans out there we all saw Jack shock President Logan in an attempt to subdue him and get him off of the helicopter. Well, the problem with most stun guns today is that although they are pretty small, you may want them just a little bit smaller. Maybe something just a little easier to carry around with you is all you would want.

Everyone has seen the Stun Master’s and what they look like. Stun Master Stun Guns have been around for over 10 years and they have provided us with some great, high quality stun guns but some people may not like the bulkiness. Although they are not all that big, some people may want a stun gun that is easily concealable and can fit virtually undetectable in the hand of a woman or a man. This allows your attacker to approach with no fear. The element of surprise is the key here. Your attacker will drop to his knees and will never see it coming.

The reason for this sudden surprise and drop comes from the technology that stun guns possess. The new smaller ones use new cutting edge micro-technology that allows it to deliver unprecedented power from a palm sized weapon. They are offered in three voltage levels so you can choose how much you need to use. I would recommend choosing the level based on your own size and how much more power you would need to subdue a man two or three times your size. Ultimately though, even with the lowest voltage it should be enough to give you some time to get away from an attacker. Any amount of voltage to a human being is not fun to take.

The best spot to aim the stun gun is right in the midsection. The reason for this is that you do not have to reach too high or too low. Unless you are abnormally short or the attacker is abnormally tall, the midsection around the stomach should be where you should aim. You should always try and stay away from the heart. Now, although something like that would be self defense you still do not want the burden of something fatal happening to somebody on your behalf. The stomach is a perfect area. It is very easy to access.

Now, as silly as this may sound, it is something that you may not think of. Know at all times which way is “up” on your stun gun. If you accidentally reach for an attacker with the bottom part of your stun gun nothing is going to happen except you will give your attacker a chance to take it from you and you will lost the precious “moment of surprise.” You would hate for your own self defense weapon to then be used against yourself and have your stuff taken too. That would be pretty humiliating.

Stun Guns can range from 80k volts all the way up to 950k volts. The smaller stun guns are perfect for all women or men of all sizes since they are easy to carry and easy to hide. This selection of voltage should be determined based on what kind of voltage you are looking for. And another neat little feature of the palm sized stun guns is that if you do not want to keep it in your purse or your pocket, it comes with a belt clip that you can wear and it will look like a pager. This will also allow for easier access. Nevertheless, no matter which type of stun gun you want to use, smaller or bigger, higher voltage or lower voltage, the amount of volts pulsing through a bad guys body will do enough damage to get you away from a bad situation.

I feel that this goes without saying, but please remember that stun guns are not toys and they should only be used as a means of self defense. Although they are non-lethal, if used wrong you never know what may happen. So, keep them for the bad guys. Also, please be sure to keep up on stun gun laws in your local jurisdiction, for websites may not have up to the second states, counties and countries that forbid the purchasing and owning of stun guns. In the end it is up to you the consumer to check into the law for your own self.


About the Author:

Adam Walls is the owner of 919 Security, an online self defense products store that specializes in self defense products, home safety products, and much more. http://www.919security.com   http://www.all-hidden-cams.com


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